Why ‘Joy Dressing’ Is Summer’s Biggest Fashion Trend: We've spent months facing uncertainty, wrapped in gray fleece. Now, as more Americans get vaccinated, exuberant, over-the-top clothes herald happiness, relief and new beginnings.

By Katherine K. Zarrella

"A year ago, an awe-struck child accosted me on Sixth Avenue as I was heading to the supermarket. “Are you Lady Gaga?” she shouted from a safe, 6-foot distance. Much to her and my chagrin, I’m not, but her question had validity. I was, after all, sporting 5-inch heels, fishnets and a new shocking-pink satin shorts suit—one of my more curious purchases given that I’m a color-averse New Yorker. As I shook my head no, her father chortled. She grinned and grabbed his hand. I welled up behind my Saturn-size sunglasses. This overdressed grocery run was my first outing after recovering from Covid. I felt lucky, relieved, giddy and, apparently, I looked Lady Gaga-level fabulous."

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